A traditional Japanese-style building that retains the framework of the Edo period

The entire building is in a pure Japanese style, with the rooms using plenty of wood. Within the building which retains the Edo Period structure, for a long, long time, the passage of time has been watched over by dressers and chests which now seem nostalgic, braziers, and other items. Please make yourself comfortable and relax in this building where Mogamiya's history peeks outs from the traditional Japanese aspects. We cherish this atmosphere that makes you feel a sense of relief.

Facility Information

Check In
3:00 pm~6:00 pm
Check Out
10:00 am
Seating Capacity
100 people
Number of Rooms
27 Hatago (meal-included) guest rooms (5 with bath and toilet, 8 with toilet only)
12 self-catering rooms
Number of Baths
1 male, 1 female, 1 private bath
Payment Method
Parking Lot
Available (11 spots in the 1st parking lot, 30 spots in the 2nd parking lot)
  • Hinano Chaya (Tea Shop)

    Coffee and tea are served in the lobby. (Charge) You can relax in a traditional Japanese-style atmosphere.
    How about at the time of arrival or before departure?

  • Shop

    We sell our recommended souvenirs. Please use it to buy souvenirs as a memory for your trip or for your friends and family.

  • Shared Kitchen

    Kamasaki Onsen, which has prospered as a hot spring resort for a long time, has a "self-catering" plan that keeps accommodation costs low for long stays, and the hotel also has facilities so you can do your own cooking. Anyone staying at the hotel can use it.

Usage Guide
○ Tableware and cooking utensils can be rented free of charge. ○ White rice will be provided for 165 yen per serving. (Morning and evening only) ○ If you want to cook your own rice, please use a pot. (There is no kama pot available.) ○ It is prohibited to use fire or cook outside the kitchen. (Cassette stove, charcoal, etc.) ○ If you use electrical appliances, please pay 220 yen/day per appliance (110 yen for additional appliances) to cover electrical costs.
  • Banquet Hall

    There is a medium hall and a large hall. Banquets are possible for small groups or up to 60 people. It is also an option to serve the meal on traditional Japanese trays and low dining table and chairs.