Hatago Guest Rooms

We have rooms for up to 5 people. There is also rooms for one person. Some rooms have adjoining rooms, so it can be used for families and large groups.
*Some rooms have a toilet and some do not. Please consider that when selecting a plan.

It is a traditional Japanese-style room where you can feel the warmth of the wood. All of the rooms are made differently, so you can enjoy the ancient Japanese culture living in the detailed decorations and structure of each room.
Please spend a relaxing time in the nostalgic comfort.

TV, extension phone, internet (wireless LAN), tea set, hair dryer (rental), desk lamp (rental), iron (rental), individual air conditioning, toilet with bidet (some guest rooms), storage safe
*Smoking is completely prohibited at this resort
Toothbrush set, face towel, bath towel, yukata, haori (Tanzen), razor

Self-catering Rooms

You may cook using the shared kitchen.
The hot water at a hot spring is the most important thing. Soak in hot water as much as you like, eat what you want when you want, and heal your daily fatigue. > More Info

Kamasaki Onsen, which has prospered as a hot spring resort for a long time, has "Hatago rooms" that come with meals, and "self-catering rooms" that let you keep accomodation costs down for a long stay. You can enjoy the hot springs by staying for a short or long period of time while keeping the cost low. Wifi is available in all rooms, so it can also be used for workcations.

Futon, TV (charge), extension phone, free Wi-Fi,
oil heater (charge, 770 yen per refueling), storage safe
*Smoking is completely prohibited at this resort
Please bring your own amenities (rental for a fee and sales are available)
What to bring
Toiletries, towels, pajamas, ingredients, seasonings, etc. (There are no stores nearby where you can buy ingredients)