Shiroishi Castle

About 10 minutes by car

Shiroishi Castle stands in Masuoka Park, located in the center of Shiroishi City. It was an important base in the south side of the Sendai domain for about 260 years after Kojuro Katakura, a senior vassal of the Date clan, entered the castle in 1602. In 1995, the castle tower and a part of the main enclosure were faithfully restored based on the ancient Japanese architectural style. From the castle tower, you can overlook the Zao mountain range and the city of Shiroishi.

Katakura Family Samurai Residence (former Koseki family)

About 10 minutes by car

Along the flow of the Sawabata River, which once doubled as the outer moat of the castle, there is a row of samurai residences that traces of the castle town era. The Katakura Family Samurai Residence is the residence of the Koseki family, who served as stewards for the wife of the Katakura family. It is covered with dense garden trees, and the front and side is surrounded by clear flowing streams, so you can enjoy scenery radiating the atmosphere of the time.

Yajiro Kokeshi Village

About 5 minutes by car

The "Yajiro Kokeshi" doll developed along with the growth of Kamasaki Onsen as a souvenir for hot spring visitors. The characteristic of Yajiro’s kokeshi dolls is the colorful lines drawn by the potter’s wheel on the head and body. At Yajiro Kokeshi Village, you can not only see the skills of the Kokeshi doll craftspeople up close, but also try out for yourself the experience of painting Kokeshi dolls using a potter’s wheel.

Miyagi Zao Fox Village

About 10 minutes by car

More than 100 foxes run free in a huge natural enclosure, and you can see cute foxes up close. A spot so popular it has been visited by many tourists from abroad.

Shiroishi Sun Park

About 10 minutes by car

A complex facility with "Kojuro Kid’s Land", an indoor playground equipped with large playsets and interactive spaces, ”Omoshiroishi Market” where you can buy special products of Shiroishi City, and ”Minori Kitchen” where you can enjoy eating food made from local ingredients. 

Zao Sake Brewery Exhibition Hall

About 10 minutes by car

Zao Sake Brewery was founded in 1873 and is the only brewery in the city. In addition to exhibiting sake cups, the exhibition hall also handles requests for selling retail products and shipping locally.

Shiroishi White Cube

About 15 minutes by car

A concert hall with high acoustics and a multifunctional arena with a portable floor (movable floor) like that used in the NBA (US National Basketball Association). It holds events such as music concerts, sports, and theater.

Green Park Fubou

About 20 minutes by car

Green Park Fubou, surrounded by nature, has BBQ/hotpot facilities, fishing ponds, etc. and is popular with families. In particular, lure/fly fishing and bait fishing enjoyed in the large pond are crowded with many people ranging from beginners to veterans.

Zao Dairy Center

About 20 minutes by car

There are various facilities such as a ranch, petting zoo, cheese factory, restaurant, cheese shop, and a training center. The exquisite milk and dairy products are made from cows raised in the vast fields. You can enjoy workshops for making butter and cheese.

Zaimokuiwa Park

About 25 minutes by car

A park where you can see the spectacular timber rock walls that are 65m high and 100m wide. Designated as a national natural monument, the sight created by nature as if timber were lined up endlessly is a masterpiece.

Choro Lake / Yamabiko Suspension Bridge

About 25 minutes by car

A lake at the foot of Mt. Fubosan, a famous peak in Minamizao. The nature reflected on the surface of the lake is mysterious, and you can enjoy the beautiful scenery in each season, such as fresh greenery or autumn leaves. The Yamabiko Suspension Bridge is the largest suspension bridge in Tohoku with a length of 120m. The view of Mt. Fubosan from the center of the suspension bridge is superb.

Shiroishi Mizubasho Forrest / Dodan Forrest

About 30 minutes by car

Located at the foot of the mountain in Minamizao, Mizubasho Forest, Dodan Forest, and Uncut Forest are tourist spots where you can experience the nature of Shiroishi. The three forests combined are called "Minamizao Colored Forest". Recommended for exploring skunk cabbage in spring and redvein enkianthus and Japanese kerria from May to June.

Manzo Inari Shrine

About 30 minutes by car

A shrine with more than 100 red-painted torii gates lining the road from the entrance. Attracted by its mysterious atmosphere, many people come from inside and outside the prefecture. In recent years, it has also become popular as a power spot for marriage.

Miyagi Zao Shiroishi Ski Resort

About 30 minutes by car

There are various courses for beginners to advanced skiers, and you can enjoy skiing and snowboarding while enjoying the magnificent nature of Zao. In addition to sledding and playing in the snow at the Kid’s Park, there are also ski lessons for kids. It is a ski resort with many loyal customers, mainly families.

Zao Okama Crater

About 1 hour by car

Okama Crater is a circular crater lake surrounded by the three peaks of Mt. Zao Katta, Mt. Kumano, and Mt. Goshikidake. Because of its round shape it was named "Okama" (metal pot). It is also called Goshikinuma (Five Color Lake) because the surface of the lake changes color depending on various conditions such as the weather. *Closed in winter

Zao Echo Line

About 1 hour by car

A mountain road that crosses the Zao mountain range from east to west and connects Miyagi and Yamagata Prefectures. From the opening in late April to mid-May, you can enjoy the towering snow walls, the fresh green in summer, and the red and yellow autumn leaves from late September. *Closed in winter


About 1 hour by car

Matsushima is one of the three most scenic spots in Japan. There are more than 260 islands floating inside and outside Matsushima Bay, and you can enjoy a beautiful view while taking a boat and looking at the islands up close. There is national treasure Zuiganji Temple and souvenir shops in the vicinity, and you can enjoy them as a set.